In the "Help" section you will find answers to frequently asked questions, instructions how to use our software and how to work with preflop/postflop solutions packs.

Settings menu

In the " Settings " section, the system settings of Simple GTO Trainer are filled in: the path to the update, Simple Postflop and PioSOLVER, as well as the configuration of hotkeys and colors for various actions.


General Settings Menu


Settings menu for Simple Postflop and PioSolver engines


Hotkey and color settings menu.

Changed settings are highlighted in green. Do not forget to save the settings after the changes.

Description of settings

The Update URL provides a link to the update. Default values for SB, BB and thresholds for Errors are also selected.


Update URL

Link to trainer update

Update on launch

Trainer update at startup

Default SB

SB default value

Default BB

BB default value

Error threshold (%)

The threshold value for Error

Mixing threshold (%)

The threshold value for Mixing Error

Settings for Simple Postflop


Simple Postflop path

SPF Folder Path

Specifies the path to the folder in which the SimpleEngine.exe file is located

Engine accuracy

The accuracy of calculation is selected:

LOW - very fast calculation

NORMAL - fast calculation, good accuracy

HIGH - high accuracy, good speed

VERY HIGH - very high accuracy for complex spots


Specify a higher calculation accuracy due to a large number of bet-sizing.

Engine algorithm

The algorithm for the calculation is selected (A1, A2, A3)

Description of calculation algorithms

Algorithm А1 - basic algorithm for local calculations. The main advantage is that tree compression in RAM can be used for it. Compression affects calculation speed and Nash Distance (with compression it is not always possible to achieve a very small value). Compression must be used if there is not enough RAM on your computer to carry out the calculation.

Algorithm А2 - This  algorithm by default requires 2 times more RAM in calculating than algorithm A1 without compression and is recommended for use on complex trees with narrow ranges.

Algorithm А3 - - as well as the A2 algorithm requires 2 times more RAM than A1 without compression and has very good convergence. Algorithm A3 is the fastest (calculation speed means the time taken to achieve a good Nash Distance) .

Settings for PioSOLVER


Pio engine paths

Pio Engine Path

Specifies the path to the PioEngine

PioPreflop Path

Specifies the path to the  PioEngine

PioViewer Path

Specifies the path to the  PioViewer.exe


The maximum waiting time for a response from Pio


Without setting the path to the engine, you cannot select it when creating a custom game.