Simple 3-way

Simple 3-way

Poker nash-solver for GTO analysis in 3-way spots in various Postflop situations. Application calculates GTO strategies based on action trees and initial ranges for 3 players
Free download

Free River calculation
in 3-way spots

During beta testing period users are provided with free river calculations

Free examples of solutions in
3-way spots
for Flop and River

For application trial all users are provided with absolutely free calculation examples: several basic situations on Flop + all solved Turns.

Strategy, EV and Equity view
all played hands for any situation
in selected tree

Application allows viewing solutions in various ways. It gives opportunity to conduct complex and qualitative analysis of retrieved solutions. Informative set of metrics in reports is very useful and excessive source of information for game analysis.

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Skype conference

Discussion of application beta is available in new Skype conference. Anyone could join this conference, ask questions, share ideas and proposals for application improvement. Just follow the link to join the conference.

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Application is in beta testing now

If you have any questions or proposals please contact us via email or Skype:


System requirements

  • Standalone CPU, RAM
    Intel Core i7, at least 8GB RAM
  • Cloud CPU, RAM
    4 GB (at least 1 GB free RAM)
  • Free disk space
    70 MB
  • OS
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Additional requirements
    Internet access for activation

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