Simple Omaha

Simple Omaha

Simple Omaha - is the first nash equlibrium solver without any abstractions that allows to solve optimal strategies for Omaha on postflop. The program solves GTO strategies for the defined tree of bets and input ranges of two players in various postflop spots.
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Cloud computations

All calculations are doing remotely on our servers

Free calculations
during beta test period

The solver allows to run remote calculations of turn and river for Free

Strategies and EV view
for every hand on every node of the game tree

The program includes different views of sultions to run complex analysis of solutions. The varity of metrics helps to understand better the nature of GTO in Omaha.

Possible to edit and lock strategies during the calculation

The solver allows to find exploitative strategies against locked leacks in strategies.

GTO calculation for NL, FL and PL Omaha

Simple Omaha allows to build and solve trees for different kind of Omaha: for fixed bets (FL Omaha), for caped with pot bets (PL Omaha) and for unlimited bets (NL Omaha).

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Application is in beta testing now

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Системные требования

  • RAM
    4 GB
  • Screen resolution
    More than 900 pixels in height
  • OS
    ОS Windows 64bit XP+
  • Additionally
    Connection to the Internet

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