In the "Help" section you will find answers to frequently asked questions, instructions how to use our software and how to work with preflop/postflop solutions packs.

Ответы на частозадаваемые вопросы


Just registered, and did not receive an activation mail, what should I do?

Write your username (mail) to us at or on Skype: SimplePoker


I get the error "Please, authorize to start using application", what should I do?

1) Check the version of your Trainer. If you dont have the last version then download it 2) Try to run as administrator 3) If the trainer is not installed in the default directory, reinstall it in the default directory.


Error "Authorization error", what should I do?

Check that there are no extra spaces anywhere and the login is spelled correctly (Login is case sensitive: <>


In the "License" menu, in the line "Current License", the license information is written in red, what does it mean?

This means that your license has been dropped. You need to take a screenshot of this menu, copy machine key and login. And send everything to or Skype : SimplePoker


Activation error [error code = 8], what does it mean?

Error 8 means that you have already activated your license