GTOBase is an analytic web application with optimal poker strategies. GTOBase includes tools for analyzing hands history in accordance to GTO strategies, as well as a database of calculated strategies using GTO solvers Simple Postflop, Simple Preflop Holdem
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Flexibility and Autonomy

GTOBase is available directly in your browser, supported by any operating system. All calculations are performed by our servers, without using the resources of your PC. GTO Solver License is not required

High Performance

Fast import and processing of hands history on powerful servers. Processing speed up to 200 hands per minute, not requiring the activity of your PC

Large GTO Strategies Base

In the database of solutions, strategies are available for all kinds of 22100 flops in various situations. Solutions are calculated with high accuracy using the best GTO solvers. Preflop trees include many bet sizings

Flexibility and nice UI

You can customize colors to display actions in the strategy viewer. The interface is implemented in compliance with modern UI/UX guidelines. To make long-term work with GTOBase comfortable for you, a dark theme has been applied

Instant Hand Analysis

The functionality of instant analysis of hand from the clipboard is available. This feature is also available for users who do not have a subscription (5 hands a day for free)


Instructions for GTOBase use by Tema2010
Analysis of SB vs BB strategy in Spin&Go by Nice2meet885

Customer reviews

  • Taburet

    Gtobase cool thing. You can fill in your hand base in it and see where exactly you are most mistaken. Due to the fact that it already has a pack of high-quality calculations with subsequent lines that are different across all the streets, identifying one's own mistakes is almost instantaneous.

  • m1kee3

    GTObase is a convenient, multi-functional software that greatly simplifies the work on the game and the analysis of played sessions. What could be easier than after the session, upload it to the site, wait 5 minutes and see the biggest EV errors. Or mark a few hands and view them after the session

  • Jay

    I was very excited to see SimplePoker's new tool GTOBase. I've tried other tools that promised so much, but there were always too many bugs and random crashes. I've uploaded many hands and had GTOBase do the analysis, and there's never been a single crash. The hand upload is amazing - it's super fast and the results are easily interpreted

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If you have questions about the GTOBase application, you can ask them in our Discord Chat "Simple Poker". Or write a letter to the support email:

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System Requirements

  • Browser application
    Internet availability for access

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