Training pack for HU Cash NL in Simple GTO Trainer is released

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We are glad to present you new training pack for HU NL Cash in Simple GTO Trainer.

Pack was developed by Antonio Miranda (GaliZianBoy) and the former elite "Run It Once" trainer Nuno Álvarez (CheckRais3r). This training pack is aimed at people who want to improve their basic HUNL strategy.

The simulation parameters have been chosen by testing a lot of different sizings on every scenario and they are a great simplification of a more complex strategy without losing much EV in the process.This package includes pretty much every single situation for postflop HUNL. In total it contains 4812 flops which represent almost the entire postflop game tree.

Access to the training pack is available at a price of 69$/year. You can purchase it on our website:

A detailed description of the pack could be found here:

If you have questions about the pack, you can ask them in our discord channel:

NB: To work with packs in the Simple GTO Trainer, you do not need to purchase any additional licenses, you only need to buy a license for the pack itself.