Spin&Go and 3-bet Cash training packs for Simple GTO Trainer

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Discipline: Cash
Number of flops: Over 17,500
Games (regular + drills): 10 + 20
Price: 69$/year

The Pack was created by game theory specialist, Alex Sutherland, and contains everything you need to perfect your 3-bet pot play in NL cash games. Most players have significant postflop leaks in 3-bet pots and because the pots are so large, there is no higher EV spot to practice than 3-bet pots.

This pack includes solutions and drills for CO vs BB, CO vs BTN, CO vs SB, SB vs BB, BTN vs BB, and BTN vs SB spots on every possible flop and contains multiple solution files with different sized c-bets so that you can practice proper play against opponents who c-bet 1/3rd pot and opponents who c-bet 60% pot from out of position. The preflop ranges in this pack are smoothed ranges from a combination of SPH multiway calculations, SPF HU calculations, and population analysis of mid-stakes regulars.

Full description and flop samples are here
Purchase page is here

Spin&Go PACK

Discipline: Spin&Go
Number of flops: Over 2000
Games (regular): 11
Price: 59$/year

The pack includes a set of REGULAR training configurations for Spin&Go. It is designed by one of the best Spin&Go coaches, Tema2010.

The pack includes all the most common Spin&Go situations, ranges and bet-sizing as close as possible to gaming reality. Solutions are calculated using the subset of 184 flops. In total this pack contains over 2000 flop solutions for 3-max and Heads-Up spots.

Full description and flop sample are here
Purchase page is here

Please pay attention that you do not need to purchase SGT Pro Version for using cloud packs. As well as SGT Pro Version contains only Core GTO Pack and other packs should be obtained separately.