Rake Calculations in Simple Preflop Holdem

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Hello guys!

We compared rake calculations in Simple Preflop Holdem and MonkerSolver and find meaningful difference how programms counting rake. Now the question who is doing it properly? If it is mistake of our solver, we are gonna to update it and fix the issue.

Let's overview simple example of preflop calculation with rake.

HU spot

Rake 5%

Blinds 1/2$

Preflop action: call - check; Pot = 4$

Flop action: Pot-bet (4$) -> Raise to 16$ -> Fold

SPH tree:

Same tree in Monker:

The main question is: from which pot should be rake charged?

Simple Preflop Holdem takes rake from the pot of 12$:

  • 4$ is preflop pot
  • 4$ bet of BB on the postflop and and we also take in a count equial bet (4$) from SB
So, SPH in this spot will count rake as 12$ * 0.05 = 0.6$
It is easy to verify it, taking look into EV of this spot:
sum of EV of two players is = -0.6

Monker is charging rake from the pot of 4$. It doesn't charge rake on the postflop from the branches that is ended with fold, even there was action before it.
This is easy to verify on this example taking a look on EV of Players:
sum of EV of two players is = -0.2 and 0.05*4 = -0.2

So, wrong approach of charging rake could lead to very different results (now results of complex rake calculations in Simple Preflop and Monker are different) that is why for us it is import to know who's approach is right.

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PS: here the links to the solutions that were used in the tests: