GTOBase v1.22 - interface improvements, new reports

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New version of GTOBase v1.22 is focused on significant UI modifications to enhance user experience. A lot of details were taken into account during a redesign of Strategy Viewer and a whole app.

The number of application functions has also increased. We would like to present new “Players” report, combined strategy view of preflop ranges for all positions, new filter for flops and other features.



* New layouts, basic font and basic color scheme are changed to make the app more clear and easy-to-learn.


* Navigation elements of Strategy Viewer are redesigned. Now it has 3 elements on the top level: “One player”, “Two players”, “Reports”. Each top level element has its own clear subnavigation.

* Actions bar significantly modified. Now it is placed under the matrix, the number of combos in absolute values added the for each action.

* Strategy navigation bar is more lightweight now. Selector of library, spot, and effective stacks are moved from the bottom node navigation.

* Added a component that represents a short game line. This line reflects the sequence of selected nodes and is always visible for a user. You can also change the board using this line.

* Replayer table is simplified. Now it does not attract much attention and allows you to quickly read game info.

* Element “Players and Stacks” shows the current stack for each player, active players, pot at the start of the street and actual pot.

* Detail matrix now has two modes. Classic 4x4 representation (based on suits intersections) and adaptive view, where three different layouts are used (2x2 for suited hands, 2x3 for pairs and 4x3 for offsuited hands). Played %, EV and equity values are added to matrix.

* Quick control icons are added near matrix, detailed display and trace.

* General layout, element spacings are modified.

* Switch between BB and % Pot in actions is placed near game tree navigation component.


* New filter is added for the Aggregated Flops report. Now it is possible to select highest, middle and lowest cards.

* Positions Report that shows reactions for all players against the selected action at Preflop (by default it shows opening strategy for every player).

* Switch between combined (all data in a single matrix) and separate (multiple matrices) views for Effective stacks and Position reports.


* New report “Players” is introduced. The report allows to see how many hands with showdown were played for each player in HH (including opponents) and how many GTO errors were made. Data is shown in an aggregated way and for each street.

* New quick filters are added. “Today”, “Week ago”, “Month ago”, “Year ago” for the date filter (applied for a date when the hand was played, not uploaded). 
* New filter “Postflop type” is added


* Now it is possible to upload entire folder (included nested folders).

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