GTOBase mobile application update v2.01 has been published

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We present to your attention the update of GTOBase mobile application v2.01

* Mobile GTOBase on iPhone

* Mobile GTOBase on Android

Added aggregated reports on flops

1. It is possible to filter boards by filters:

   * by highest / middle / lowest card

   * by suits (rainbow/2 suits/monotone board)

   * by type (paired / unpaired / three of kind)

   * connectedness

2. Boards can be sorted by the frequency of the selected action. For example, when you click on the "Bet 2.73" action, you can see on which boards this action will be played most often:

3. The "Show only selected action" switch allows you to hide the coloring of all actions except the selected one (only applies when sorting by action for more convenient visualization)

4. You can click on each of the boards, then the actions will display not the aggregated % , but the strategy for the selected board:

Added aggregated runout reports on Turns and Rivers

The functionality in aggregated reports on turns and rivers is similar to flops, but there are a number of significant additions:

1. Ability to sort not only by actions, but also by rank/suits of runouts

2. Added additional reports for each position by EV and by Equity

3. EV Report:

4. Equity report:

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