designed by Vea

Discipline: MTT

Number of flops: Over 43,000

Price: 119$/year

The Pack includes a set of REGULAR training configurations for MTT by one of the most successful online tournament poker players, Vea. His career winnings are more than $7,500,000.

The pack includes all of the most common MTT situations and the solutions are calculated using the full subset of all possible flops. In total this pack contains over 43,000 flop solutions including:

  1. BB defense vs EP, MP, HJ, CO, BU at 20BB and 40BB stacks
  2. Single raised pots for EP vs CO BU, MP vs CO BU, HJ vs MP BU at 40BB stacks
  3. 3bet pots, and single raise pots for the following matchups: BU, CO vs EP, BU, CO vs HJ, MP at 50bb stacks. SB vs BU at 30BB and 30BB stacks
  4. SB vs BB limped and raised pots. Stacks are 20BB and 35+BB




Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Stack Pot Game
Regular[Save]  BU 45% vs BB 20BB175563.3944.66195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  CO 30% vs BB 20BB175563.3930.04195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  HJ 24% vs BB 20BB175563.5823.85195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  MP 19% vs BB 20BB175560.9118.99195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  UTG 13% vs BB 20BB175553.4112.94195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  CO BU 10% cold call vs MP 20% 40BB175520.699.83406.80MTT
Regular[Save]  CO BU 13% cold call vs HJ 24% 40BB175523.8512.78406.80MTT
Regular[Save]  CO BU 9% cold call vs EP 13% 40BB175512.948.84406.80MTT
Regular[Save]  SB 3b vs BU 50BB175516.9522.034218MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs BU 40% 40BB175571.7744.66386MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs CO 30% 40BB175568.4930.04386MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs HJ 24% 40BB175559.9923.85386MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs MP 20% 40BB175551.9720.69386MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs UTG 13% 40BB175549.6512.94386MTT
Regular[Save]  BU 45% vs BB with donk bets 20BB175557.9044.66195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  CO 30% vs BB with donk bets 20BB175563.2130.04195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BU CO 3b 7% vs EP 50BB17557.6707.044415MTT
Regular[Save]  BU CO 3b 10% vs HJ MP 50BB175513.2210.624415MTT
Regular[Save]  SB 3b vs BU 50BB175516.3422.034218MTT
Regular[Save]  SB Complete 20BB BB CHECK Behind175551.2868.4619.53MTT
Regular[Save]  SB Complete 35BB BB CHECK Behind175541.8664.1334.53MTT
Regular[Save]  SB Complete CALL vs RAISE BB 35BB175526.6540.9532.57MTT
Regular[Save]  SB RAISE vs BB 20BB175523.8955.57186MTT
Regular[Save]  SB RAISE vs BB 35BB175524.6067.7832.57MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs BU 2.5BB POT BET CB FLOP 50BB175548.8342.68507.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs CO 2.5BB POT BET CB FLOP 50BB175546.0629.61507.5MTT

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