designed by Antonio Miranda (GaliZianBoy) [1] and Nuno Álvarez (CheckRais3r) [1], [2]

Discipline: HUNL

Number of flops: Over 4800

Games (regular): 5

Price: 69$/year

This pack includes a set of REGULAR training configurations designed by Run It Once essential instructor Antonio Miranda (GaliZianBoy) and Run It Once elite coach Nuno Álvarez (CheckRais3r). It is targeted at people that wants to improve their main HUNL strategy.

The simulation parameters have been chosen by testing a lot of different sizings on every scenario and they are a great simplification of a more complex strategy without losing much EV in the process.This package includes pretty much every single situation for postflop HUNL. In total it contains 4812 flops which represent almost the entire postflop game tree

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Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Stack Pot Game
Regular[Save]  SRP (Qxx, Jxx, Txx)21780.7751.2697.55HU Cash
Regular[Save]  SRP (Axx, Kxx, paired boards, monotone)96080.7751.2697.55HU Cash
Regular[Save]  SRP (Rags)12580.7751.2697.55HU Cash
Regular[Save]  3BP (All boards)175522.5626.0588.7522.50HU Cash
Regular[Save]  4BP (All boards)17557.219.407452HU Cash

[Save]  All flop samples (*.zip)