designed by Vea

Discipline: MTT

Number of flops: Over 56,000

Configurations: 32 REGULAR

Price: 149$/year

GTO MTT Pack was created by professional MTT player Vea using ranges from solutions obtained as a result of long work in Simple Preflop Holdem.

This training pack includes essential MTT spots. Training spots from the pack will let you to get an idea about optimal strategies both preflop and postflop. This will help you to notice spots in which opponents significantly deviate from the optimal game play and exploit it.




Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Stack Pot Game
Regular[Save]  BU vs BB 32BB175564.4751.17325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  CO vs BB 32BB175563.0736.94325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  EP vs BB 32BB175553.1815.64325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  MP vs BB 32BB175559.2024.77325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  SB vs BB 3bet pot 32BB175518.8212.302416.6MTT
Regular[Save]  SB vs BB Complete pot 32BB175544.7848.16323.0MTT
Regular[Save]  SB vs BB SRP 32BB175530.7867.81327.0MTT
Regular[Save]  BU vs BB 75BB175563.3553.20756.6MTT
Regular[Save]  CO vs BB 75BB175566.1036.74756.6MTT
Regular[Save]  EP vs BB 75BB175553.1215.75756.6MTT
Regular[Save]  MP vs BB 75BB175559.7623.77756.6MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] Complete pot 20BB175560.6369.70202.1MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] SRP 20BB175559.6527.3318.504.2MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs BU 20BB175562.6924.52195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs CO 20BB175562.2330.63195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs EP 20BB175559.0314.99195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BB DEF vs MP 20BB175560.1320.22195.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BB vs BU Limp pot 20BB175576.6616.83193.6MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] 3bet pot 32BB175513.9836.8226.513.2MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] Complete pot 32BB175562.4049.4231.52.2MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] SRP 32BB175564.0848.0830.54.2MTT
Regular[Save]  BU coldcall vs CO 32BB175536.9417.56325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BU coldcall vs EP 32BB175515.7515.56325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BU coldcall vs MP 32BB175524.7716.46325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  SB def vs BU 32BB175513.4851.17325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  SB def vs CO 32BB175513.4136.94325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  SB def vs MP 32BB175513.4824.77325.5MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] 3bet pot 50BB175528.7436.6942.515.2MTT
Regular[Save]  [HU] Raise pot 50BB175562.1286.41484.2MTT
Regular[Save]  BU vs CO 3bet pot 50BB175517.0512.034316.5MTT
Regular[Save]  BU cs MP 3bet pot 50BB175511.407.794316.5MTT
Regular[Save]  SB vs BU 3bet pot 50BB175519.2527.0541.519.4MTT

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