MTT Expert (FR+HU) Training Pack

designed by GregXX

Discipline: MTT

Number of flops: Over 11,000

Configurations: 61 REGULAR

Price: 139$/year

The pack includes trainings for the widest possible range of situations and stack sizes that are most common in MTT. Game trees use simplified flop sizing, which makes the learning process easier, faster and more comfortable. This pack is designed on the basis of chipEV models and is intended primarily for training, be careful and do not forget to take into account the influence of ICM when playing in real tournaments.

Developed by a long-time player and coach of the 1st league in FunFarm school, GregXX.




Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Stack Pot Game
Regular[Save]  15bb HU Limp-Pot18475.4356.9413.882.25MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb HU SRP18424.3351.4317.884.25MTT
Regular[Save]  30bb HU Limp-Pot18454.0763.4428.882.25MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb HU 3-BET18419.2618.3627.3815.25MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb HU SRP18452.1365.0532.884.25MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb HU 3-BET18422.821.2541.8816.25MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb HU SRP18460.5267.0147.884.25MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb BU vs BB SRP18444.1767.5205.5MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb BU vs BB 3-BET18418.699.7926.7317.88MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb BU vs BB SRP18449.3759.632.636.08MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb BU vs BB 3-BET18424.6813.4440.8819.58MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb BU vs BB SRP18451.9155.9247.386.58MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb BU vs SB 3-BET18417.169.7427.2317.38MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb BU vs SB SRP18449.3711.6232.636.58MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb BU vs SB 3-BET18422.3714.1241.1319.58MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb BU vs SB SRP18451.9113.5147.387.08MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb CO vs BB SRP18433.4267.69205.5MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs BB 3-BET18416.6410.1826.8817.58MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs BB SRP18436.7160.2132.685.98MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BB 3-BET18418.6811.8241.3318.6MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BB SRP18436.8863.0447.626MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs BU 3-BET18413.978.8628.3815.58MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BU 3-BET18414.5510.8443.1216MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BU SRP18436.8816.7147.627MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs BU SRP18436.7116.8432.686.98MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs SB 3-BET18414.99.927.2817.28MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb CO vs SB SRP18436.7112.9132.686.48MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs SB 3-BET18419.8712.0941.8318.1MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs SB SRP18436.8815.1847.626.5MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb MP vs BB SRP18423.5467.14205.5MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs BB 3-BET1848.978.8526.2818.78MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs BB SRP18424.0259.6732.735.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BB 3-BET18413.48.1742.1916.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BB SRP18423.0658.8347.725.82MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs BU 3-BET18412.997.7228.8814.58MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs BU SRP18424.0215.2532.736.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BU 3-BET18410.628.1343.0816.1MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BU SRP18423.0615.6947.726.82MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs CO 3-BET18412.697.628.8814.58MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs HJ 3-BET18412.17.528.8814.58MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs SB 3-BET18410.48.8227.3817.08MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb MP vs SB SRP18424.0213.4432.736.38MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs SB 3-BET18414.598.742.3317.08MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs SB SRP18423.0613.8447.726.32MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb UTG vs BB SRP18415.5161.35205.5MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb UTG vs BB SRP18416.4854.6932.735.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb UTG vs BB SRP18416.8656.9347.725.82MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb UTG vs BTN SRP18416.4815.0632.736.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb UTG vs BTN SRP18416.8616.547.726.82MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb UTG vs MP SRP18416.4807.0932.736.88MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb UTG vs MP SRP18416.8609.0147.726.82MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb UTG vs SB SRP18416.4813.5932.736.38MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb UTG vs SB SRP18416.8613.1947.726.32MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb SB vs BB 3-BET18412.2811.7626.6317.5MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb SB vs BB 3-BET1848.9312.5339.8821.08MTT
Regular[Save]  15bb SB vs BB Limp-Pot18447.7956.2813.883MTT
Regular[Save]  30bb SB vs BB Limp-Pot18457.4660.0328.883MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb SB vs BB Limp-Pot18464.3756.0748.8803.08MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb SB vs BB SRP18421.6958.0819.756.5MTT
Regular[Save]  35bb SB vs BB SRP18428.3163.2731.887MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb SB vs BB SRP18421.0255.7946.3808.08MTT

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