designed by Vea

Discipline: MTT

Number of flops: Over 7,000

Configurations: 40 REGULAR

Price: 159$/year

This training pack is a powerful tool for working on the game outside the poker tables. With its help, you can quickly improve your postflop skill in most of the MTT spots. According to the author, in terms of the ratio of the invested time to the result obtained, there are no even close instruments at the moment. When creating the trees, Vea relied on the solutions of GTO solvers, his experience and analysis of the base of hands of MTT regs included top100 players of pocket5.




Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Pot Stack Game
Regular[Save]  10bb RFI BU vs BB18464.3839.375.210MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb RFI BU vs BB18457.0544.85.519MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb RFI BU vs BB18474.5747.855.532MTT
Regular[Save]  75bb RFI BU vs BB18475.4449.936.675MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb BU vs SB CC1845.8640.15619.5MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb BU vs SB CC18414.5848.045.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb BU vs SB 3-BET18413.7618.51842MTT
Regular[Save]  10bb RFI CO vs BB18467.4330.025.210MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb RFI CO vs BB18462.9730.175.519MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb RFI CO vs BB18469.6230.315.532MTT
Regular[Save]  75bb RFI CO vs BB18474.230.656.675MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb CO vs BU CC18429.9710.266.520MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb CO vs BU CC18429.7717.275.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BU 3-BET18416.1810.3813.744MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs BU CC18430.02136.648MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb CO vs SB CC1847.2730.5619.5MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb CO vs SB 3-BET18413.2115.771842MTT
Regular[Save]  75bb RFI EP vs BB18460.8815.386.575MTT
Regular[Save]  22bb EP vs BU CC18414.9810.966.520MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb EP vs BU CC18415.0613.665.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb EP vs BU CC18414.0312.16.648MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb EP vs SB CC1849.4614.9619.5MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb EP vs SB CC18410.4314.715.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb EP vs SB 3-BET1848.389.981842MTT
Regular[Save]  10bb RFI MP vs BB18461.6320.665.210MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb RFI MP vs BB18461.8119.855.519MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb RFI MP vs BB18467.6922.025.532MTT
Regular[Save]  75bb RFI MP vs BB18470.8320.716.675MTT
Regular[Save]  22bb MP vs BU CC18421.0811.356.520MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb MP vs BU CC18420.0514.855.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BU 3-BET18410.198.213.744MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs BU CC18420.0212.586.648MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb MP vs SB CC1849.4520.02619.5MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb MP vs SB CC18414.3719.365.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb MP vs SB 3-BET1848.3812.221842MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb CO vs SB CC18414.7329.465.532MTT
Regular[Save]  10bb RFI UTG vs BB18456.8915.385.210MTT
Regular[Save]  20bb RFI UTG vs BB18454.3214.735.519MTT
Regular[Save]  32bb RFI UTG vs BB18460.1215.395.532MTT
Regular[Save]  50bb UTG vs BU 3-BET1848.1805.0813.744MTT

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