Simple Postflop

Simple Postflop

Simple Postflop is software for calculating Nash-equilibrium strategies in pre-flop and post flop Texas Holdem situations. Simple Postflop builds GTO strategies in pre-flop and post flop situations according to bet-sizing and ranges of two players. It’s the best and most accurate poker tool for GTO solutions.
Free download

Cloud and Local computations
for weak and powerful PCs

Simple Postflop has different license options. Users with powerful PC could use license for unlimited local calculations while users with weak PC could run remote calculations with Cloud License.

Very fast and free
calculation of GTO strategies
on Turn and River

To familiarize with the program, absolutely all users are provided with a set of free options: free GTO calculation on the turn and river, three solved flops from the book of John Juanda, solved preflop tree Will Tipton, as using all flops during calculation, and using different subsets of flops during the calculation.

Calculation of GTO even on Preflop!
Locally with Standalone License
or by the request in Cloud

The license for local calculations of equilibrium strategies allows you to make calculations, both on postflop and pre-flop in unlimited quantities. Preflop calculations are a resource-intensive task, which first of all requires a huge amount of RAM - from hundreds of gigabytes to tens of hundreds of terabytes. Simple Poker provides a service for the calculation of pre-flop trees of almost any complexity on a cluster of hundreds of servers upon your request, payment is made in preflop points.

Displaying of strategies, EV and equity
for every played hand in every situation
in builded tree

The program includes a set of different representations of solutions that allow for a comprehensive and qualitative analysis of the solutions obtained. Sets of metrics in the reports characterize the parameters of decisions, and also serve as valuable sources of information for analyzing the solution.

Possible to fix some strategies
during the calculation

The program can be used as a calculator for calculating the EV hands. Also, the program allows you to calculate the exploiting strategies after a the strategy of one player will be fixed.

Calculation of bulk of flops one by one for every 1755 significant types of flops.

Simple Postflop allows you to calculate probabilities in poker and build an optimal strategy for the player's actions. Building a bet tree, generated by pressing a button, will instantly calculate all possible flop variants. The program also allows you to analyze the result taking into account the various actions of the opponent. In addition, the player can edit the generated tree by adding or removing actions in it. The program takes into account combinations of cards (flops) of equal importance and reduces them to 1755 flops, which simplifies the calculation of the strategy. All these combinations are unique and include all possible moves in the player's chosen strategy, and the calculation is as close as possible to the equilibrium strategy.

Calculation of GTO for NL Holdem and FL Holdem

Due to the flexible configuration, the program can be used to calculate Holdem with both fixed (Fixed limit) and unlimited sizes of bets. The user can build different betting trees, depending on which version he plays - NL Holdem or FL Holdem.

Available on MacOS via Parallels and Bootcamp

The user should note that the program is not supported by the MacOS operating system. The solution in this case can be the use of virtualization programs - Parallels or Bootcamp. These programs allow you to install Windows on a computer running MacOS. At the same time, these decisions have significant differences. If you use Bootcamp, Windows will be started on the machine as the main system, and the user will not be able to use MacOS and Windows at the same time. Parallels allows you to use both systems simultaneously. In this case, it creates a virtual machine where Windows is already installed.

Customer reviews

  • KingValery

    I used both, piosolver and simple postflop and simple postflop was much easier to use and much faster! thx u guys, good job!

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Versions and Prices

Turn, River
  • Free version
  • License period:
    30 days
  • Flop calculation:
  • Version:
  • Preflop calculation:
  • Flop calculation:
  • Version:
  • Amount of PC:
Preflop Points
  • Tree calculation:
    in order
  • Cost of:
  • Average tree:
    6 points
  • PF-points:

Other payment methods

If you wish to pay by other means, such as Skrill or poker room transfer, please contact us via Skype


System requirements

  • Standalone CPU, RAM
    Intel Core i7, at least 8GB RAM
  • Cloud CPU, RAM
    4 GB (at least 1 GB free RAM)
  • Free disk space
    70 MB
  • OS
    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Additional requirements
    Internet access for activation

Accepted payments