Free Beta Starter Regular

This pack contains a set of basic regular training configurations. Each begins with flop and last until critical error (EV loss), fold of one of the players or showdown. User can choose single action from possible vector of actions.


Name Description Flops Game Type Situation
23bb SB vs BB SRPs Practice BvB Spin-n-Go postflop play after a 2.5x SB preflop raise and a BB Call 184 Spin-n-Go SB vs BB SRP
100bb CO vs BB SRPs Practice CO vs BB 6-max cash game postflop play after a CO 2.5x preflop raise and a BB call 184 Cash CO vs BB SRP
8bb HU Limped Pots Practice postflop play in 8bb HU limped pots after a SB limp and a BB check 184 HU 8bb HU