Free Beta Starter Drills

This pack contains c-bet and c-bet defense drills from a variety of game types including 6-max cash games, MTTs and HUSNGs. These drills will help you systematically improve flop decisions. While the situations may seem simple, even expert players will find systematic errors both with specific hands and with their range composition as a whole.


Name Description Flops Game Type Situation
BB vs BTN 6-max cash c-bet defense Practice 6-max cash SRP big blind c-bet defense vs a BTN 2.5x open and 1/2 pot c-bet at 100bb stacks 184 Cash BTN vs BB SRP
CO vs BB 6-max cash c-betting Practice 6-max csah SRP c-betting after a CO 2.5x open and a BB flat with a 1/2pot c-bet and 100bb stacks 184 Cash CO vs BB SRP
HUSNG 20bb MR c-bet defense Practice min-raised pot c-bet defense in HUSNG at 20bb 184 HUSNG 20bb SRP
BB vs BTN MTT 50bb 3b pot c-betting Practice c-betting in 3-bet pots in MTTs at a 50bb stack depth 184 MTT 50bb BTN vs BB 3-bet pot
SB vs BB 6-max cash OOP c-betting Practice 6-max cash out of position c-betting in SB vs BB situations after a 3x SB open and a BB call 74 Cash SB vs BB SRP