designed by Alex Sutherland

Price: 80$/year

This pack contains presolved GTO drills and full postflop regular games generated from over 20,000 postflop GTO solutions. The pack includes 6-max cash, MTT and HUSNG/Spin-n-Go games and is all you need to start mastering GTO postflop play. Each training scenario includes solutions to all 1755 possible flops and the preflop ranges are based on high-end 184-flop preflop solutions from the SPF cloud preflop solver. At just $80/year, this is the single most comprehensive and cost effective way to learn GTO.

If you master this training pack you will be prepared to crush almost any NLHE game in the world.


Mode Name Flops R1 R2 Stack Pot Game
Regular100bb BTN vs BB SRPs175548.9938.2997.505.50Cash
Regular100bb UTG vs BB SRPs175517.6711.0597.006.50Cash
Regular100bb BB vs CO 3BPs (60% c-bet)175515.079.4091.0018.50Cash
Regular100bb BB vs CO 3BPs (33% c-bet)175515.079.4091.0018.50Cash
Regular100bb MP vs BB SRPs175521.7220.6197.505.50Cash
Regular40bb CO vs BB SRPs175537.5662.2237.386.62MTT
Regular20bb BTN vs BB SRPs175544.1969.8717.885.62MTT
Regular30bb CO vs BB SRPs175534.7061.1727.386.62MTT
Regular20bb CO vs BB SRPs175525.1084.2517.885.62MTT
Regular40bb BTN vs BB SRPs175552.4963.5937.386.62MTT
Regular30bb BTN vs BB SRPs175548.7259.3427.386.62MTT
Regular18bb HU MR pots175526.3850.7916.004.00SNG
Regular20bb HU Limped pots175564.0164.0919.002.00SNG
Regular25bb HU MR pots175544.9354.1823.004.00SNG
Regular15bb HU Limped pots175574.6660.7314.002.00SNG
DrillBTN vs BB 6-max cash c-betting175548.9938.2997.505.50Cash
DrillUTG vs BB 6-max cash c-betting175517.6711.0597.006.50Cash
DrillBB vs UTG 6-max cash c-bet defense175517.6711.0597.006.50Cash
DrillBB vs CO 3-bet pot c-betting (60% c-bet size)175515.079.4091.0018.50Cash
DrillCO vs BB 33bet pot c-bet defense (33% c-bet size)175515.079.4091.0018.50Cash
DrillBB vs CO 6-max cash c-bet defense175528.4224.2697.505.50Cash
DrillMP 2.5x vs BB 6-max cash c-bet defense175521.7220.6197.505.50Cash
DrillMP 2.5x vs BB 6-max cash c-betting175521.7220.6197.505.50Cash
DrillUTG 2.5x vs BB 6-max cash c-bet defense175517.6718.7297.505.50Cash
DrillUTG 2.5x vs BB 6-max cash c-betting175517.6718.7297.505.50Cash
DrillMP 3x vs BB 6-max cash c-bet defense175519.7012.0697.006.50Cash
DrillMP 3x vs BB 6-max cash c-betting175519.7012.0697.006.50Cash
Drill30bb MTT CO vs BB SRP c-betting175534.7061.1727.386.62MTT
Drill30bb MTT CO vs BB SRP c-bet defense175534.7061.1727.386.62MTT
Drill20bb MTT BTN vs BB SRP c-betting175544.1969.8717.885.62MTT
Drill20bb MTT BTN vs BB SRP c-bet defense175544.1969.8717.885.62MTT
Drill20bb HU Limped c-betting175564.0164.0919.002.00SNG
Drill20bb HU Limped c-bet defense175564.0164.0919.002.00SNG
Drill15bb HU Limped c-betting175574.6660.7314.002.00SNG
Drill15bb HU Limped c-bet defense175574.6660.7314.002.00SNG
Drill25bb HU MR c-betting175544.9354.1823.004.00SNG
Drill25bb HU MR c-bet defense175544.9354.1823.004.00SNG